Books Inc. Marina's best-seller list

1. The Help, by Kathryn Stockett (fiction, paperback)
2. Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand (nonfiction, hardcover)
3. Lucky Peach, by Chris Ying (cooking, paperback)
4. The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins (fiction, paperback)
5. The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain (fiction, hardcover)
6. The Book Of Ebenezer Le Page, by G.B. Edwards (fiction, paperback)
7. The Imperfectionists, by Tom Rachman (fiction, paperback)
8. Go The F**k To Sleep, by Adam Mansbach (humor, hardcover)
9. A Game Of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin (fiction, paperback)
10. This Is Not The Story You Think It Is, by Laura Munson (nonfiction, paperback)

New and Noteworthy Staff Picks

Nonfiction: The Secret Knowledge: On The Dismantling Of American Culture, by David Mamet
Mamet’s transformation from one line of political thinking to another and why it happened is one you will find very thought provoking. Quite a challenging piece of writing from the great playwright.

– Bill Dito

Fiction: The Book Of Ebenezer Le Page, by G.B. Edwards
Not a new book, but one that we’ve rediscovered recently and has become a neighborhood hit! A beautifully written fictional memoir of Ebenezer Le Page – an opinionated old-fart living on the Channel Island of Guernsey – who can’t watch all the modern changes taking place around him. He wants his story to be told.

– Rich Ciccotelli

Fiction: The Pox Party, by M.T. Anderson
A superbly taut and probing historical fiction that raises chilling questions about contemporary America by examining the life of a young slave boy under the watchful eye of “enlightened” men of early America. Exquisitely crafted prose befitting the erudite subject matter. Unflinching and disquieting.

– Maggie Tokuda-Hall

Fiction: Before I Go To Sleep, by S.J. Watson
An unbelievable debut novel that is both suspenseful and terrifying. The main character’s memory is erased each night when she goes to sleep. Everything is gone – name, identity, her past, her friends. Whom can she trust? If you like the movie Memento, you’ll love this!

– Rich Ciccotelli

For Kids

Kids’ Classic I Forgot to Read: Peter Pan,
by J.M. Barrie
With a completely unique writing style, at once whimsical and insightful, Barrie’s classic tale of the boy who refused to grow up is as magical and exiting as when it was first written, 100 years ago.

– Anna Logan

Rich Ciccotelli is the manager of Books Inc. in the Marina.