July 2011

The crimes listed below are a small snapshot of what the officers of Northern Station are doing. For a more comprehensive list, visit the SFPD website ( – under “Compstat” there is a link to “CrimeMAPS.”

Some ROBBERS just don’t learn
June 23, 7 a.m.
Broderick Street at Jefferson
A woman was brushing her teeth near her bathroom window when she peered outside and saw a suspect looking into parked vehicles. She began watching the suspect and saw him open up the door of one of the parked cars. He rummaged through the car and left. The witness called the police, who searched the area and found a suspect matching the description. The witness responded to the officers’ location and positively identified the suspect. He was arrested for the auto boost. The officers checked the suspect for warrants and found that he had an outstanding warrant for robbery. The suspect was booked on the appropriate charges.

June 23, 11:20 p.m.
Divisadero Street at Lombard
Officers responded to a call of a car stopped in the middle of the intersection with the driver slumped over the steering wheel. Upon arrival, they realized that the driver was passed out in the driver’s seat. It took some time to wake the driver. When the officers had him open his door, they were knocked over by the smell of alcohol. They had the driver perform field sobriety tests. After failing miserably, they advised him that he was under arrest. The officers obtained a blood sample as evidence and booked the suspect for driving under the influence.

July 4, 1:30 a.m.
Fillmore Street at Filbert
Officers responded to a bar near Fillmore and Filbert Streets on the report of an assault. The alleged victim said a group struck him repeatedly because he didn’t move out of the way quickly enough. The main aggressor struck him with a bottle to the face and neck, cutting his neck. That suspect was picked out by the victim and arrested for the felony assault. An ambulance was called for the victim; his injuries were not serious.

July 13, 5:40 p.m.
Lombard Street at Franklin
A motel clerk called police after American Express called to question a recent charge. It turns out the name on the charge was the same as a current guest. They checked to see if that card was valid and were told no by the credit card company. Officers arrived and went to the room to investigate further. Upon knocking on the door and identifying themselves, officers heard movement but nobody answered the door. Officers knocked again and after a short time were let into the room. The motel guest appeared very nervous. Officers looked in the room and found only one occupant, but there were two registered. Officers checked the balcony and upon doing so, their attention was drawn to a restaurant across the street. Patrons were pointing the officers toward something. That something turned out to be the air conditioner where the suspect had deposited seven credit cards through the slot of the unit. Upon further investigation, the officers found hundreds of documents related to identity theft including fake IDs. The suspect was arrested and charged with numerous felony crimes.

July 14, 4 p.m.
Lombard Street at Franklin
Employees at the motel learned from the incident the day before – this time, an alert clerk became suspicious that another stolen credit card was being presented by someone trying to check in. The clerk called the bank to determine if the card was valid and found it was not. Police were called and upon their arrival, the clerk pointed out a person in the parking lot who was the one she had called about. Officers detained that person while they investigated and discovered there was a warrant for his arrest. He wanted his property from the room so officers retrieved it for him –– including his methamphetamines. He was charged with several felonies and the warrant.

July 14, 3:05 a.m.
California Street at Polk
Security was monitoring a camera to their parking lot when they noticed a subject enter the lot and try many door handles of cars. They called police and then went to the lot. Officers and security arrived at about the same time. Security pointed out the suspect, now appearing to hide behind parked cars. Officers detained the suspect and, based on the fact that he didn’t get into any cars, cited and released him for vehicle tampering. Alert security likely prevented an auto burglary or theft.

July 15, 4:45 p.m.
Union Street at Fillmore
Store employees recognized a regular shoplifter only after they saw him leaving the store. Suspecting that he may have stolen something, a store employee followed the suspect down the street. He watched as the man stood at the Muni stop, removed several pairs of jeans from under his coat, and placed them in a bag that he was carrying. The employee called the police who responded and saw a suspect matching the given description on the bus. The suspect was positively identified as the one that had been in the store. A check of his bag yielded four pairs of jeans and a pair of boots, all still with the tags attached and no receipt to prove ownership. The suspect was charged with several felony crimes and booked.

July 17, 1:40 a.m.
Chestnut Street at Pierce
After what started as a typical bar fight, one victim landed in the hospital in critical condition. No witnesses – including the victim – remembered what precipitated the fight. When the first two sergeants arrived, they were directed to a black SUV that had just left the scene. They stopped the identified car around the corner from the incident while other officers attended to the now unconscious victim. Witnesses identified one of the occupants of the car as the guy that had punched the victim with such force that he hit his head on the ground and was knocked out. The primary suspect was arrested for the assault and the victim was treated for his head injury at San Francisco General Hospital.

July 22, 7:10 p.m.
Polk Street at Greenwich
A cab driver had just dropped off a fare at Francisco and Polk when he heard a woman scream. He saw a subject running from her and figured that a crime had just taken place. He pulled his cab over and told the woman to jump in. He then gave her his phone and she called police as the driver followed the now running suspect. They continued to follow and tell dispatch the suspect’s location as officers responded. Officers caught up to the suspect on Columbus just south of Bay Street (1.8 miles of running). The suspect was taken into custody and the iPhone that had been stolen from the victim’s hand was in his back pocket. The entire event had been captured on the taxi camera. The suspect was charged with robbery.

Incidents listed here are based on witness statements as recorded by the reporting officers and are compiled by Marina Times staff. Arrests for crimes against children, domestic violence and sexual assault are not included because of their personal nature.