November 2010

Nov. 1, 11:58 p.m.
Scott Street at Chestnut

A 22-year-old male was shot multiple times in the chest at a Marina nightclub and died from his wounds at San Francisco General Hospital shortly after being transported there. Police were able to interview witnesses and view surveillance footage from the club that has a hip-hop themed D.J. on Mondays. Several residents have complained of thugs and criminal activity at the club's Monday night event in the past. SFPD is working with the owners and new prospective buyers to facilitate a change of ownership as quickly as possible. SFPD believes that new owners would act more responsibly given the history (and location) of the place. As of our deadline, the suspect in the shooting, described as a black male in his 20s, is still at large.

Nov. 10, 8:05 a.m.
Van Ness Avenue at Broadway

A driver was stopped in traffic at the intersection of Van Ness and Broadway when a car slammed into the back of his vehicle. The driver of the other car pulled alongside the victim and told him that he would pull over a block away because of all of the traffic. With that, the suspect driver turned and sped off at a high rate of speed. Fortunately, there were two witnesses to the incident, including an off-duty officer who followed the suspect vehicle. The officer lost sight of the vehicle at Marina Boulevard and Fillmore Street, where another officer caught up to the evading driver. The driver was pulled over and witnesses brought to identify him. He was positively identified as the one that struck the victim's vehicle (that driver was transported to a hospital). He was arrested for felony hit and run and driving on a suspended license.

Nov. 13, 4:20 a.m.
Francisco Street at Franklin

Officers responded to the a report of someone trying to break into a building. En route, they stopped a subject matching the broadcast description on Chestnut and Franklin. The suspect provided the officers with his identification and affirmed that the name on the ID was indeed his. The officers later found jail identification with the subject's true name. He was on probation and a probation search revealed lots of credit cards and identification in other persons' names. The suspect also had methamphetamine in his possession and, on top of all that, a computer check showed that he had failed to register as a sex offender as required. He was taken into custody and charged with numerous felonies.

Nov. 13, 11 p.m.
Fillmore Street at Filbert

Officers were in the area when a subject flagged them down. Seems the guy was in a bar dancing with his wife when someone decided to steal her purse. The victim placed her purse on a hook and walked away to dance. A thief removed her purse and was seen entering the woman's bathroom with it. When the victim returned to where she had left her purse, a witness told her that a woman had just taken it to the bathroom. The victim and a friend went into the bathroom and could see her purse on the ground of a stall and the hands of the suspect going through the purse. The suspect exited the stall counting the victim's cash. The victim grabbed her money and the group flagged down police. The suspect told the victim, "You got your money back, just let me go." The woman was arrested and charged with several felonies.

Nov. 20, 12:50 a.m.
Greenwich Street at Gough

Officers responded to a call of someone breaking into a building. When they got there, someone called out to them that the guys had just fled and gave the officers a pretty good vehicle description. They found the now-moving car not too far from the scene and brought the witness to the scene, where he positively identified the truck and passenger. Seems the fumbling burglars brought the wrong tools to commit the crime. These two preferred to break into laundromats and brought channel locks too small to cut this particular lock. Thinking nobody would hear them, they made numerous attempts to cut the lock (making lots of noise in the process) and when that was unsuccessful they just broke the window. The passenger was charged with the burglary and other felonies. The driver was charged with conspiracy and driving with a suspended license.

Incident reports listed here are based on witness statements as told to the reporting officers and are compiled by Cow Hollow Clyde.