Let's take more pride in our neighborhood

Do you see dog poop on the sidewalk? Not often anymore. And if we do see someone who fails to clean up after their dog, we don't hesitate to bring it to their attention.

Just as we've worked to eliminate the dog poop on our sidewalks, let's eliminate the litter. Let's start a campaign of neighborhood pride!

If you see someone drop a coffee cup, leave a take-out food containers on the tree planter, or toss a napkin into the shrubs, SAY something. Find your voice. Ask the person kindly to pick it up, and dispose of it properly, and to support clean streets.

Tenants and owners: If someone hangs unwanted door hangers on your door or leaves a flyer on your doormat, please don't ignore it. Take it off or pick it up – and pick up other ignored ones while you're at it – and deposit them in a blue recycling can or the corner litter can.

Neighbors: As we walk down our streets, can we all participate in picking up the trash that other insensitive people have discarded?

Let's start a campaign of neighborhood pride. Let's create a neighborhood with sidewalks free of trash. Maybe we can't get the overhead wires moved underground any time soon, maybe we can't eliminate the potholes in the streets as fast as we would like, but we can eliminate the trash.
Please participate and personally support neighborhood pride.

Shari Malone has been a resident of Cow Hollow since 1985.