Marina Community Association
Making a difference in your neighborhood

March 2012

A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.
– Nelson Mandela

I know it’s tempting to sit on the sofa and complain about how the ol’ neighborhood just isn’t the same any more, but with very little time and effort you can be informed about upcoming changes – and actually have a say in matters that will directly affect you and your family. The Marina is a gorgeous, vibrant and safe place to live and with just a little help from all of us, we can keep it that way!

The Marina Community Association is a six-year-old organization that was formed with the purpose of improving and protecting the quality of life in the Marina. We are accepted by key decision makers and residents as a responsible organization. We are a volunteer association that actively participates with government and other civic agencies for the betterment of our community. We advocate on behalf of our members and ensure that Marina residents have a voice on issues that affect our neighborhood such as:

  • The America’s Cup (coming next summer, with many activities to be centered in the Marina)
  • The King Edward II Inn conversion to housing for transitional-age youth
  • Lombard Street master plan
  • Doyle Drive construction impact
  • Development activities in the Presidio
  • Marijuana dispensaries on Lombard Street
  • Crime monitoring (we have an excellent relationship with Northern Station)
  • Changes to parking meters
  • Transit issues
  • The F Line street car extension to Fort Mason
  • New vendors in neighboring parklands
  • Food trucks
  • Tour bus legislation
  • Party buses
  • Entertainment licensing and monitoring
  • Redistricting issues
  • Marina Yacht Harbor changes
  • Uses for vacant gas stations
  • Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary news
  • Cell phone towers
  • And much more!

If you would like to know more about any of these issues, or have an issue of concern yourself, please let us know – we are always happy to hear from neighbors and welcome their suggestions.

In addition to our role as advocates, we also had some fun this fall at our first annual Marina Family Festival. We invited Marina residents and families to come together for a day of fun activities on the Marina Green and we will be doing it again this year. We are currently looking for sponsors, entertainers, food trucks/stalls, and vendors who would like to participate in this year’s event.

As an organization, we make an effort to allow everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion and strive to adopt positions that represent a majority of our members. We hold open elections for our board of directors who represent a wide range of ages and interests, and both renters and owners.

Your support and involvement will ensure that the MCA continues to provide a voice for our community. If you would like to get involved, please send us an email to [email protected]. You can register and pay your dues online for $26.99 at the online payment center or send your full name, mailing address, phone, e-mail address, and a $25 check (payable to MCA) for each person in your household who wishes to be a member to:

Marina Community Association – Membership
1517 North Point Street, Box 531
San Francisco, CA 94123

On a totally separate note: The City has proposed its own power program called “Clean Power S.F.” From what we understand, you will automatically be signed up for this new program unless you opt out and keep PG&E. There could be big differences in price, so make sure and keep an eye on your bill.

Laura Lanzone is a member of the Marina Community Association Board of Directors. You are eligible to join MCA if you are over 18 and a resident or owner of a dwelling within the Marina. Visit for more information.