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Chariot Parking

Debris remained in the street after two autos collided near Chariot vehicles on Green Street.

One day in May, when a Marina Times reader pulled up to drop her children off at school on Green Street between Steiner and Pierce, she could tell there had just been an accident. Debris in the middle of the street remained from a collision between a Tesla and another car that was backing out of a driveway. Our reader notes, “No one was taken away by ambulance,” but she did point to two vans of the Chariot private commuter service parked illegally nearby, suggesting the auto drivers had been unable to see each other because of the vans.

Chariot drivers have been reportedly asked not to be on that street, but they continued to come. Our reader wrote, “Bottom line is these vans should not be allowed in school zones and they should not be allowed to just stop in the middle of the street and pick people up.”

“We take any complaints very seriously, and the safety of our riders and the public is our top priority,” a Chariot spokesperson told the Marina Times. “Upon learning of this on Friday, May 12, we took immediate corrective action and revised the Chariot route to avoid the area entirely, and the principal of St. Vincent de Paul School … confirmed the following Monday, May 15 that the situation had been resolved and there were no Chariots on Green Street.”

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