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City Attorney pressures Uber, Lyft

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera sought court orders to force Lyft, Uber, and two of Uber’s subsidiaries to comply with subpoenas issued in early June as part of Herrera’s investigation into ride-hailing businesses. Herrera’s office said the subpoenas “are aimed at ensuring Uber and Lyft’s estimated 45,000 drivers in San Francisco do not create a public nuisance by jeopardizing public safety, discriminating or otherwise violating local and state laws.” The city is trying to get the companies to hand over four years of records on everything from the number of miles and hours logged by drivers to driver guidance and training.

“Unfortunately, Uber is doing what it always seems to do: raise obstacles and drag its feet — all while continuing to flout the law,” Herrera said. “To its credit, Lyft was more responsive, but in the end they also raised unreasonable roadblocks. They provided a minimal amount of documents before deciding not to comply with the rest of our request. And they have so far failed to execute a confidentiality agreement that would protect any legitimate trade secrets. From the beginning, we have been clear that the companies must comply with these subpoenas.”

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