News Briefs

Crimes of the times

There’s been a bump up in the number of crimes in the SFPD’s Northern District.

Violent crimes overall were up 16 percent between September 2016 and September 2017. There were no homicides in either month, there was one case of human trafficking in each month, and rapes declined by 25 percent. But robberies were up 14 percent, and aggravated assaults were up a significant 31 percent.

Property crimes also increased, but by only 6 percent overall. Burglaries rose 17 percent, larceny theft rose 8 percent, and thefts from vehicles were up 21 percent. However, auto thefts dropped by 22 percent and arson plunged 50 percent.

Northern Station Captain John Jaimerena reminds people to report suspicious activities, and of course to take preventative measures to decrease the likelihood of someone breaking into your vehicle: Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, don’t leave power cords sticking out of the car’s center console (it gives the appearance that you left a phone or other device charging inside), and contact SFPD if you see someone peering into vehicles in an apparent attempt to locate unattended valuables.

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