News Briefs

Fixing The Streets

Mayor Ed Lee is committing almost $90 million to addressing residents’ complaints about bad roads, announcing in May a two-year investment for street resurfacing projects.

“San Franciscans deserve streets that are smooth and easy to travel on, and won’t result in wear-and-tear on their vehicles or create hazards for cyclists and pedestrians,” said Lee. “Our capital budget will improve these daily quality-of-life issues, while also making critical investments that will have lasting impact for generations to come.”

The mayor’s office declared its goal to improving the city’s score in the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) to 70 by 2025; it currently is at 69, and was as low as 63 as recently as 2009. Rising from 69 to 70 will move it from the “at risk” category into the “good” category.

The city notes that improving the PCI score “means fewer potholes, less wear-and-tear on vehicles, smoother rides for all road users, and reduced long-term maintenance costs.” Also fewer angry calls to City Hall.

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