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If you’re looking to take a Snickers and Pepsi break, you’ll need to find a vending machine outside of city property if Supervisor Mark Farrell gets his way. He is proposing legislation to have minimum nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in vending machines on city property, as well as for food served at city meetings, sponsored events that use public resources, and it would encourage food service companies on the city’s property to have a more healthful mix of food.

“San Francisco government should lead by example, and this policy solidifies our city’s commitment to encouraging healthier lifestyles by making healthful choices more readily available,” said Farrell. “Healthier employees are more productive employees, and lead to incredible cost-savings for taxpayers.”

American Heart Association executives praised the move, calling it “one of the most robust healthy vending ordinances in the country.”

Concession locations for selling Snickers right next to city property will likely be highly valued.

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