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Auto break-ins

The news in late January that there had been only 13 arrests made for auto break-ins over the course of the past seven years — a time period in which there were more than 81,000 reports of auto break-ins in San Francisco — was met by a chorus of “We coulda told you that” from city residents tired of a plague of street crime.

It’s not for a lack of trying, according to Northern Station’s police. They report that “Every Northern Station unmarked police vehicle has been rammed by suspects trying to elude capture, and our latest casualty was [a] police bicycle.” An officer “spotted a suspect casing vehicles near the Palace of Fine Arts and moved in to investigate. The suspect quickly jumped into a getaway vehicle and took off, running over [the police officer’s] bicycle in the process.” Luckily the officer was able to get off the bike, which was dragged for several blocks by the miscreants.

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