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State Assemblymember Matt Haney has walked back his support for a $1.7 million single public toilet planned for San Francisco’s Noe Valley. Following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s criticism of the cost and vow not to use state funds to support it, Haney told the San Francisco Chronicle he would work to find a cheaper and quicker way to get the bathroom built. What did people expect from the city of the $20,000 trash can? . . . Last month, Governor Newsom signed into law SB 922, which speeds up bike, pedestrian, light rail, and rapid bus projects by exempting them from the California Environmental Quality Act. “Increasing sustainable transportation options — like biking, walking, and public transit — is incredibly important when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change,” said Senator Wiener, co-author of the bill. “SB 922 continues our work to make it easier to build these projects more quickly and at lower cost, and will get people out of their cars.” 

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