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Soccer fans often feel isolated in cities that are filled with fans of baseball, basketball, and American football. Street Soccer USA and the city of San Francisco teamed up to hold public screenings of major World Cup matches in various locations throughout the city, including the JFK Promenade and Civic Center. The screenings continue through the finals on Dec. 18. Details and the schedule are available at And you’ll even be able to wear a One Love armband . . . Ristobar (2300 Chestnut Street) is showing off its new look and tasty new menu. Take a look at
. . . According to a new ranking of the 20 best cities for members of Generation Z (that’s people born between 1997 and 2012), San Francisco ranks — nowhere. In CommercialCafe’s ranking on the basis of affordability, green spaces, “fun factor,” and other factors, Atlanta takes first place, Virginia Beach, Va., is in 20th place, and our fair city is nowhere to be found. Back in June, a similar Gen Z ranking by Fortune magazine gave first place to Austin, Tex. On the other hand, back in March, RentCafe ranked San Francisco in first place in its “Top 20 Trending Cities for Gen Z Renters in 2022,” so we got at least one win
. . . Speaking of rankings, ranks California in second place, but it’s not a great survey on which to be ranked so high. California is behind only Hawaii on a list of the 10 hardest states to own a home in the United States.

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