News Briefs

Call For Security Cameras

Local attorney Robert Sheridan organized a community meeting to discuss security at local city-run parking garages, including the Pierce Street Garage (3252 Pierce Street). After his own car was broken into during a daylight theft at that garage, Sheridan informed the Marina Times that he learned from a meeting with Northern Station Capt. Greg McEachern that “the Pierce Street garage is hit about five times per month by thieves breaking into cars and stealing. Sometimes they work in teams, one driver and one window-smasher, to enable their getaway.”

Sheridan called for the city to add security cameras and other measures at the public garages to protect patrons. “I noted with interest that the city was able to come up with $140,000 to protect birds from flying into glass windows, which is lovely, since we all love birds, right?” asks Sheridan. “What about us sitting ducks. … I doubt that it’s going to cost $140,000 to improve security at the Pierce Street Garage.”

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