Jasmine Blue's Tails of the Dog Park

Chapter 27: Pittie in Pink

Jasmine Blue

When you have a pit bull, softening her look is imperative if you don’t want to scare the tourists. On our walks around Stow Lake, it’s like parting the Red Sea – as Jazzy and I come down the narrow path, people practically fling themselves left and right, giving us the sidewalk to ourselves. Looks of terror are not uncommon; looks of disdain are sadly even less common. But Jazzy and I march on in our quest to introduce as many pit-bull-phobic people as possible to the goofy, sweet, intelligent, loving nature of the world’s most misunderstood breed. I’ve found that dressing a pittie in pink has a calming effect. It’s amazing just how many terrified or disdainful looks turn into huge grins under the power of Jazzy – those pool-blue eyes could melt the Grinch’s heart, and that tongue … well, let’s just say if Jazzy were a kiss, she’d be French – get anywhere near it, and you won’t need a bath.

No one ever accused Jazzy of being girly. I call her my unfeminine flower – more snips and snails and puppy dog tails than sugar and spice and everything nice. She snores, farts and hogs the bed more than any boyfriend I’ve had.

When it comes to sexual identity in public, let’s face it, Jasmine Blue needs all the help she can get. I can’t count how many times we hear, “Look at his pretty blue eyes.” Even funnier is the conversation that goes something like this: “What’s his name?” “Jasmine.” “Oh, he’s beautiful!”

I decided shortly after I adopted her that Jazzy would be Pittie in Pink – it helps soften her linebacker physique and disarms the frightened, who usually wind up on a park bench with a pit bull in their laps getting sloppy kisses.

One of the greatest things about pitties is their clownish nature – they are eager to please, and they love to make you laugh. Jazzy has no problem parading down the street in a pink hoodie that says “Lover not a Biter” in grey glitter – the more attention she gets, the happier she is. When someone bends down to pet her through delighted giggles, Jazzy wiggles her butt right up, flashes that big pittie grin, and that famous tongue starts darting for the nearest orifice (usually an ear or a nostril).

Jazzy and I have accumulated quite a collection of pink clothing and accessories over the past three years, so we wanted to share our five favorite pink picks for pups. All of them come in other colors, of course, for boy dogs (and for girl dogs who are more ballerina than linebacker without the help of a pink sparkly collar).

Dublin Dog collars

These collars are all style and no stink – perfect for the beach. Dublin Dog collars are 100 percent waterproof (including the metal parts, which don’t rust), don’t harbor bacteria, clean easily with warm water, and glide gently on your dog’s coat. Despite the fact they’re rugged and made of rubber, Dublin Dog collars come in a bevy of colorful, clever designs like argyle skulls, camo couture and daisies.

United Pets Pappy Bowl

I bought a pink Pappy Bowl the week I adopted Jazzy, and it’s still going strong. The Italian-designed bowl features a comfortable bone-shaped cutout for easy handling and rubber

stoppers to prevent the bowl from sliding. Made of sturdy but stylish translucent polypropylene, the Pappy Bowl comes in three sizes, thirteen colors, and is

dishwasher and microwave safe.


Otis and Claude Bettie fetch toy

This is Jazzy’s favorite toy – the triple-pronged lightweight design bounces erratically when tossed, and it’s also great for tug-o-war; the hollow legs allow for treat stuffing, and best of all, it floats. The Bettie is constructed of durable, nontoxic, high performance rubber and plastic, and it comes in seven vibrant colors in sizes small and large.

Alpine Dog Urban Leash

I love the Urban Leash, which features a comfortable foam rubber grip and a built-in “traffic handle” for when you need to pull your dog close. It comes in seven colors, a variety of lengths, and several styles including a two-dog lead. Made of durable, easy-care, machine-washable rolled nylon, there’s even a convenient ring for your keys.


Happy Go Lucky graphic hoodies and T-shirts

When your dog wears XXL, finding cute clothes is tough. Happy Go Lucky’s super-soft cotton hooded sweatshirts and T-shirts made especially for big boys and girls feature glittery letters that say things like “Spoiled” (complete with a rhinestone O), “Lover not a Biter,” and Jazzy’s personal favorite, “I had a nightmare I was a Chihuahua.” They come in a variety of colors and sizes from XXS to XXXL. (Exclusively at Happy Go Lucky Dog Boutiques and on their Web site.)


Most of these can be found at Northside pet stores like Animal Connection (2419 Chestnut Street, 415-567-5335), Jeffrey’s (1841 Powell Street, 415-402-0342,, and Bow Wow Meow (2150 Polk Street, 415-440-2845,

If you can’t find them in the Northside, check out our Get Across Town favorites like Pawtrero Hill Bathhouse & Feed (199 Mississippi Street, 415-863-7297,; Osso & Co. (501 Broderick Street, 415-447-8543 and 1232 9th Avenue, 415-661-6113;; Noe Valley Pet Company (1451 Church Street, 415-282-7385,, and our Get Outta Town favorite, Happy Go Lucky Dog Boutique in San Jose (925 Blossom Hill Road, 408-204-9339) and Santa Clara (2855 Stevens Creek Boulevard, 408-244-2472;

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