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Crime Continues to Decline

Most categories of criminal activity citywide and in the Northern District have recorded declines between April and May of this year. According to Northern Station Captain John Jaimerena, the following changes have occurred citywide and in the Northern District, respectively: burglary is down 13 percent and 24 percent; auto theft is down 5 percent and 33 percent; theft from auto actually rose 20 percent and 29 percent; arson dropped 30 percent and 25 percent; and “other theft” rose 11 percent and 24 percent.

In terms of violent crime citywide and in the Northern District, homicide declined 29 percent and had no change, respectively; rape dropped 47 percent and had no change; robberies rose 7 percent and declined 21 percent; and aggravated assaults rose 13 percent and dropped 5 percent.

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