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Crime Report

An increase in robberies in April appeared to abate in May, reported Northern Station Captain John Jaimerena. He had shifted some of his officers to focus on robberies and saturated prime robbery areas with officers.

In recently released statistics on the changes in various crimes committed in San Francisco between March and April of this year, homicides were up 75 percent citywide (but decreased from 1 to 0 in the Northern District); rapes were down 23 percent citywide (and dropped from 3 to 0 in Northern District); robberies increased 18 percent citywide (and increased 46 percent in Northern District); and aggravated assaults increased 5 percent citywide (and jumped 27 percent in the Northern District).

Property crimes were mostly down, with one notable exception. Cases of arson increased 17 percent citywide, but were up 300 percent (from 1 to 4 cases) in the Northern District. Meanwhile, burglaries dropped 19 percent and 29 percent citywide and in Northern District, respectively; auto thefts were down 19 percent and up 10 percent, thefts from vehicles dropped 13 percent and 14 percent, and other cases of thievery were down 4 percent and 21 percent.

Captain Jaimerena asks citizens to help reduce robberies and other crimes by being “ever vigilant and to please report any suspicious activity to the SFPD non-emergency line at [415-]553-0123 or call 911.”

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