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Crime Snapshot

In the week from Dec. 30 to January 5, there were 82 auto burglaries in the area of the city covered by the Northern Police Station, up from 61 for the same period a year earlier. Meanwhile, regular burglaries were down from 10 to eight for the same time periods, and robberies were about the same. For the previous year in whole, Mayor London Breed and the Police Department announced in January that violent crimes “dropped significantly” in 2019. Citing CompStat data, the mayor’s office touted an 11 percent drop in homicides, a 57 percent drop in sex trafficking, a 15 percent drop in rapes, a 4 percent drop in robberies, and a 4 percent drop in aggravated assaults. Property crimes citywide also saw declines, including burglaries (down 14 percent), larceny theft (3 percent) and auto burglaries (2 percent.)

“We’re on the right track — with the lowest homicide rate since 1961 — but we still have more work to do to make our entire city safe,” said Breed. “I’m looking forward to working with the Police Department to continue improving public safety.”

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