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Crime Update

Crimes in San Francisco continued to drop across most categories between May and April of this year.

In the Northern District, all categories of violent crime dropped during that period. There were no homicides or rapes reported by the Northern Station police update. Meanwhile, robbery dropped 21 percent and aggravated assault dropped 5 percent. Nonviolent crimes in the Northern District were a bit more of a mixed bag. Auto theft and arson were both down (33 and 25 percent, respectively), while all of the other categories showed increases: burglary (24 percent), theft from auto (29 percent), and other theft (24 percent).

Citywide statistics show some violent crimes decreasing—homicide (down 29 percent), rape (47 percent)—and others increasing—robbery (up 7 percent) and aggravated assault (13 percent). In the nonviolent, property crimes categories, theft from vehicles and other theft both rose (up 20 and 11 percent, respectively), while burglaries and auto thefts dropped (down 13 and 5 percent).

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