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Density Bonus To Be Considered For Developers

This fall, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is expected to debate a proposal from the city’s Planning Department that would relax certain restrictions on housing developers in return for the expansion of affordable housing units in their developments. Called a density bonus, the proposal is designed to get developers to create more than the minimum number of affordable units currently required by law.

According to the Planning Department’s description of the plan, if developers make 30 percent or more of their units affordable, they could “be offered relief from residential density limits and up to an additional two stories of residential development.” At least 40 percent of the units would have to be two-bedroom units. In addition, if the buildings are 100 percent affordable, they will get relief from the density limits and be allowed to build up to an additional three stories.

The Planning Department says this plan would not require public subsidies. The proposal has drawn the praise of the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, which is a longtime supporter of density bonuses.

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