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Dreamhouse Showcase: Cow Hollow modern makeover

The new owners of 1670 Greenwich get five floors of rooms for enjoying themselves in luxury, and if that’s not enough, there’s also a big backyard for relaxing or entertaining. photos: john zipperer

As you wander through this totally redesigned and rebuilt home in Cow Hollow, you might just find yourself wondering how you would make all of the choices necessary if you lived here. On which balcony would you cook dinner? On which balcony would you sip a glass of wine while staring at the city skyline? In which kitchen would you prepare lunch? Should you use the stairs or the elevator to get to the penthouse master suite? And which child are you going to sell to afford this?

Offered at nearly $7.5 million, this home at 1670 Greenwich Street is a two-unit property that has been remodeled with modern, high-end finishings and amenities. The design vision “was to maintain the San Francisco charm of the existing façade and blend it with a modern, functional, and open interior that today’s SF homebuyer demands,” said Andrew Broughton of Adamas Builders.

The Nest networked thermostat keeps each of the five levels at the perfect temperature. The free-standing modern bathtubs will let you soak in bliss as you gaze out the window at the skyline. Though there are many comfortable rooms inside the home with great views, you will be tempted to spend much of your time outdoors, either in the sleekly landscaped back yard or up in the sky on the expansive rooftop deck with more city views.

The home is located just a few blocks off Union Street with all of its shopping allure. For those quick jaunts out of the house to get some milk, there’s a corner grocery at the nearest intersection. Otherwise, who will be tempted to leave this house?

Larkspur-based Adamas Builders was the builder/developer for the project. The architect for the redevelopment was Kelly Condon, with design by Amanda TS Designs and staging from Green Couch.

Dreamhouse data

5 bedrooms
5.5 bathrooms
4,900 square feet
Lot size 2,500 square feet
Offered by:
Sotheby’s International Realty

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