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Facts and Figures

1,000: number of fines issued through August in the UK city of Peterborough for the crime of bicycling in a “wanton or furious manner” . . . June 2020: estimated completion time for the Lombard Street Vision Zero Project, a 20-month effort to improve safety on the busy Lombard corridor . . . $2.2 million: amount recently awarded to 12 local organizations as part of the city’s Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative . . . 79,000: number of square feet available for film production in the newly reopened Hangar 3 on Treasure Island
. . . $1,000: number of guns the city has acquired since 2014 through its gun buy-back program . . . $100 and $200: amount the city pays for handguns and assault weapons, respectively . . . more than 411: San Francisco restaurants closed in 2019.

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