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Facts and figures

153: rank of San Francisco in Wallethub’s list of the 182 most stressful cities to live in America . . . 20 percent: greater amount of land covered by Golden Gate Park than New York’s Central Park . . . 1,800: Mayor London Breed reports that number of unvaccinated people have been hospitalized with Covid-19 in San Francisco since December . . . 6: number of vaccinated people hospitalized with Covid-19 during that time . . . 140: number of new treatment beds for people experiencing mental health and substance use issues in San Francisco; it’s part of an effort by the city to add more than 400 new treatment beds, a 20 percent expansion . . .
4: number of bottles of wine you receive in a promotion for a three-month subscription to the streaming Peacock Premium service . . . 50: In July, for the first time in 50 years the United States failed to win a medal on the first day of the Summer Olympics . . . 1,200: number of potential names considered by the Cleveland Indians before settling on the final choice: The Cleveland Guardians.

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