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18: national rank of Californians in a report on average monthly household bills; Golden State residents pay on average $1,045, according to bill payment company Doxo; Wyoming was in first place at $1,346 . . . 25: San Francisco car owners pay the lowest percentage of their household incomes on their car expenses, among the 25 largest U.S. metro areas, in another Doxo report . . . 44.7 percent: month-to-month drop in auto burglaries in the Central District region following the implementation of the SFPD’s Tourism Deployment Plan . . . 22 million pounds: amount of litter and leaves collected by the city’s mechanical street-sweeping efforts, according to the Russian Hill Neighbors group . . . 24: age of Darren Mark Stallcup, a self-described “cowboy living in Chinatown” who stopped a young person beating up an elderly man by wrapping the assailant in a bear hug until police arrived; he told SFGate “I was just doing what any good man would do. And hopefully, if any of you saw somebody attacking an elderly person, you might try to do something to stop them.”

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