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Fall look forward

What I Know for Sure, by Oprah Winfrey (Sept. 2)

In lieu of our best-seller list, here are some of the titles we are excited about for the fall.

What I Know for Sure

by Oprah Winfrey (Sept. 2)

Over 14 years of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah Winfrey has written a monthly column about the things she knows for sure — which is to say, the things she has evaluated in her own life and found to be most true. This book collects those columns in a revised format, providing a spectacular array of wisdom, knowledge and pure humanity from one of the most successful women of the last century. A great gift for anyone you love this holiday season.

The Dog

by Joseph O’Neill (Sept. 9)

Netherland took the world by storm when it was published in 2008, and the long-awaited next novel by Joseph O’Neill arrives this month. It tells the story of a young man looking for answers in Dubai, and O’Neill’s marvelously humane style presents both his characters and their surrounding geography in stark light. He once again reveals the terrible cruelty of the world and the strength of people’s spirit. Books Inc. is pleased to welcome him to our store Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. for a reading and signing.

Zero to One

by Peter Thiel (Sept. 16)

Thiel, a noted venture capitalist and entrepreneur, reveals how to think about the start-up process and succeed where others have failed. He points the way toward true innovation and thus control of the new idea and concepts you have created, and explains how he looks at the business world of today and of the future. A crucial read for those interested in business and technology.

The Innovators

by Walter Isaacson (Oct. 7)

The handpicked author of Steve Job’s biography, Walter Isaacson returns with a look inside the history of Silicon Valley and the personal computer. He starts with Ada Lovelace, and rockets to the modern day, looking at the talents and characteristics that allowed innovators like Jobs to exercise such influence and achieve such success. Absorbing, thoughtful, and intelligent, Innovators is another great book by Isaacson and a great book for the holidays.

Plenty More

by Yotam Ottolenghi (Oct. 14)

Building on the incredible success of his previous books Ottolenghi, Jerusalem, and Plenty, Plenty More is another collection of Ottolenghi’s vibrant vegetable recipes, focusing on cooking method and with an emphasis on spices, seasonings, and bold flavors. Sure to be a huge hit, we’re looking forward gift-wrapping many copies this holiday season.

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Brian Pettus is the manager of Books Inc. in the Marina.