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Farrell Seeks Evictions Reporting

This month, a Board of Supervisors committee is expected to hear a proposal by Supervisor Mark Farrell to require housing providers or property management firms contracted with the city to provide eviction statistics and other information. “As a city government, we place great priority on providing housing opportunities for our most vulnerable residents, especially the homeless,” said District 2 Supervisor Farrell. “I want to ensure that evictions from publicly funded housing units are absolutely a last resort.”

The information those firms would be required to provide includes the number of tenants and households living in the housing facility; the number of unlawful detainer actions filed in court by the contractor during the year and the reasons for the filing; and the number of tenants and households removed from the housing facility through evictions and the reasons for the evictions.

“This legislation will help both our city government and housing providers understand trends in their eviction data, with an eye toward reducing the total numbers,” said Farrell. “The more data and information we have as a city regarding evictions in our publicly funded units, the better plans and programs we can have in place to ensure they are a last resort.”

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