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Farrell Seeks Improved Access For Homeless Services

People who are homeless or are in danger of becoming homeless are often not receiving services that could help stabilize their situations, and the city’s Human Services Agency lacks the data that would help it deliver those services. District Two Supervisor Mark Farrell is addressing that with legislation he introduced in June to ensure the collection and analysis of data about matching up potential recipients with their services.

According to Farrell’s proposal, within six months after a supportive housing client has been placed in a housing unit, homeless service providers would be expected to help the city determine who is not getting the services they need. In annual reports to the mayor and the Board of Supervisors, service providers would have to give information about the percentage of clients enrolled in all of the public benefits for which they are eligible; the percentage of clients who have applied for all of the benefits for which they are eligible; a summary of efforts made to enroll the person in benefits; and if they’re not enrolled, an explanation plus a plan to increase the number of their clients who get full benefits to which they are entitled.

“Public benefits help people secure their most basic needs – especially those working to exit homelessness,” said Farrell. “From providing a source of income, to food, to healthcare, or connections and pathways to education and employment opportunities – public benefits provide a critical life-line for those working to get on a path toward self-sufficiency.”

The proposed legislation will receive a committee hearing after the Board of Supervisors returns from its August recess.

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