Supervisor's Report

Fighting for San Francisco values under a Trump presidency

Your new commander in chief isn’t a fan of San Francisco. PHOTO: Gage Skidmore

Donald trump is our country’s president- elect. His election shocked and surprised many. Unfortunately, his campaign and ultimate election has caused growing anxiety and fear for people across the country and here in San Francisco.

I have heard from many residents across our city after the election about their concerns and fear of living under a Trump presidency. Not only for themselves, but for their neighbors in our communities and neighborhoods. And, for San Francisco’s way of life.

Make no mistake — the election of Donald Trump has far-reaching consequences. With a Republican president and Republican-controlled Congress, President Trump and congressional Republicans have more power than ever before to press forward with their policy agenda. If there is a meeting of the minds within the Republican Party on any of their stated ideas and policies, much if not all of their agenda can and will become the law of the land.

So what does a Trump presidency mean for San Francisco? Potentially, a whole lot.


Trump’s ascent into the Oval Office is personally affecting many San Franciscans. From our immigrant communities to women to our LGBT community and various faith communities, many of our neighbors feel anxious and afraid for how they may be persecuted or targeted under a Trump presidency.

Words matter. The racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic words and rhetoric used by Trump during the course of his campaign has rightfully caused heightened concern for thousands of residents in the communities mentioned above and more. We need to acknowledge their fears as legitimate. Acts of violence, hate, and discrimination are unfortunately on the rise.

Just the other day we saw an assault and potential hate crime take place in Fort Mason against a Latina woman that was simply unacceptable. It is not San Francisco. We must pledge to stand as one San Francisco to fight against hate, discrimination, or violence wherever it may rear its ugly head. The same is true for discriminatory or racist policies put forth as well.

Under a Trump presidency, San Francisco faces threats to our city budget, which in turn threaten vital services and programs that our residents depend upon. We are preparing as a city to potentially receive less federal support for key areas such as transportation, housing, homelessness, and other important areas. As chair of our Budget and Finance Committee, I have already met with Mayor Lee and am working closely with his budget office to do everything in our power to keep these vital services and programs available to our residents in need.

Trump believes climate change is a hoax. It clearly and definitively is not. San Francisco has and should continue to be a leader in passing and implementing groundbreaking climate change policies. I want this earth to be around for my children and grandchildren, and to prepare for this future, we cannot allow climate change skeptics or nonbelievers to win, because the future of our world depends upon it.


Many of the inside baseball political fights we have inside City Hall seem insignificant now in the grand scheme of things. The differences between San Francisco progressives and moderates are not much when compared to Trump’s policies and positions. Does that mean we’re going to refrain from vigorous debate on local issues that matter to our residents? Of course not. But I believe that there continues to be far more that unites us than divides us here locally.

We all care about the health and safety of San Francisco. We fight for communities of color, women, young people, faith communities, immigrant communities, and our LGBT community. We strive for inclusivity and diversity in all of our policies. We stand up to bullies. We celebrate our differences because we know they only make us stronger.

One thing I strongly believe a Trump presidency means for San Francisco is that now more than ever we must recommit to continuing to fight for the values and policies that have made San Francisco the shining city on the hill and a beacon of hope for many across the world. If we don’t fight for what makes San Francisco and America so great — who will?

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