News Briefs

Greening The Car Fleet

San Francisco’s municipal vehicles will help the city help the environment if legislation before the Board of Supervisors is enacted. Supervisor Mark Farrell introduced the legislation last month to use new systems, technologies, and data to improve the efficiency and safety of the city’s fleet of vehicles.

If the proposal becomes law, the city administrator would create and monitor the assignment and reservation program for a 300-vehicle car-sharing fleet, the largest in California and one of the largest in the country. It would also expand the use of telematics data systems in the vehicles, providing a lot of operations and usage data. That will help the city know where underutilized assets can be dispensed with, when to retire vehicles with the highest maintenance costs and worst emissions, and ensuring the safe use of the vehicles for city business.

Declaring his intention to create “one of the greenest fleets in the nation,” Farrell promised that the plan would also make financial sense. “San Francisco is poised to have the largest city-pooled car-sharing program in the state, save millions of taxpayer dollars, and aggressively cut greenhouse gas emissions with the approval of this bill,” said Farrell.

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