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Hottest Neighborhoods

In 2013, the hipster-afflicted Mission district was rated one of the country’s “hottest” neighborhoods, but in 2015, it is replaced in the top 10 list by Daly City’s Crocker neighborhood. That’s according to Redfin, which compiles the list based on researching people’s interest in different neighborhoods.

“Decreasing affordability and a lack of homes for sale on the San Francisco peninsula are driving homebuyer interest to the outskirts, and Crocker is one place where sellers are likely to reap the benefits,” said Redfin’s Saleem Buqeileh. “Daly City is the first stop outside of notoriously pricey San Francisco, and homes can be found for hundreds of thousands less than even South San Francisco. There is a lot of opportunity for buyers to purchase homes near the parkland with great views, then renovate to make them their own.”

Other neighborhoods in San Francisco that didn’t make the top 10 list but were still considered “hot” were Pacific Heights (where the median length of time homes spend on the market before their sold is 14 days) and Visitacion Valley.

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