Captain’s View

Introducing Northern Station’s new leader

Captain Greg McEachern Photo: courtesy capt. greg mceachern

Aheartfelt hello to each of you. My name is Greg McEachern, and I am the new commanding officer of Northern Station. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to take over as the captain of Northern Station, replacing Captain Ann Mannix, who has moved on to become the commanding officer of our tactical division.

Before I introduce myself, I want to personally thank Ann for her leadership here at Northern Station and to wish her success in her new assignment. Ann has left for me a well-run station, staffed with dedicated and professional officers. I have no doubt that Ann’s leadership and dedication during her over three years here at Northern Station set the foundation for the station’s success and set the foundation for a collaborative relationship with the community, which I intend to continue. Good luck, Ann, in your new assignment – and thanks again for assisting me in the smooth transition of command.

Now, allow me to introduce myself.

I am proud to say that I am a 22-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department, a fourth generation San Franciscan, and a second generation police officer serving the citizens of San Francisco. I grew up in the Richmond District of San Francisco, attending Star of the Sea Grammar School, Sacred Heart High School, and San Francisco State University. Much of my youth was spent in various areas of the City, including the Richmond District and North Beach, and I am proud to say that I am keenly aware of the deep traditions of San Francisco and the varying communities and residents who encompass our city.

Throughout my law enforcement career, I have had various assignments that have helped develop my leadership skills and prepare me for this new assignment. After graduating from the Police Academy in 1991, I proudly served the citizens of San Francisco as a uniformed officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and commander for the next 19 years. During those 19 years, I am proud to say I served at Bayview Station, Tenderloin Station, Mission Station, Southern Station, Northern Station, Park Station, and the police department’s Field Operations Bureau.

In addition to the uniformed experience, I have had the opportunity to serve in an administrative capacity in various assignments, including the director of training at the Police Academy, the crime lab manager, and for the past nearly two years as the captain of the department’s Risk Management Division within the office of the Chief of Staff. In that capacity, I oversaw the department’s Legal, Written Directives, Professional Standards, Internal Affairs Administrative, and Internal Affairs Criminal units. The experience of commanding the Risk Management Division was one of the most enlightening of my career. Though very challenging and difficult at times, I’m confident that my experience in the Risk Management Division will help foster my leadership skills and benefit our department in our future endeavors. But, alas, I’m happy and excited to return to patrol where I’m both comfortable and confident.

In 2008 and parts of 2009, I was assigned to Northern Station as a lieutenant. During that time, I had the opportunity to meet some of you and become involved in the communities of the Northern District. I also had the opportunity to see the varied diversity and cultures of each community. As I return to the Northern, I look forward to reintroducing myself to each community and working side by side with the community members to ensure your safety while also developing a cooperative relationship between the police and the community.

Over the coming months and year, I will be attending many community meetings, introducing myself and listening to your concerns. You may also see me at the various community functions and events. When you see me, feel free to introduce yourself and talk to me about issues and concerns you have.

I hope that my introduction has given you an insight into who I am and a small glimpse of my philosophy on policing in our community. I want to reiterate to each of you that at the forefront of my efforts is the belief that the community engagement is a priority and that a collaborative relationship between the fine men and women of Northern Station and the Northern community is what is paramount for our success. Without this relationship we cannot be effective, and without this relationship both the police department and the community will suffer.

Please help me continue to build on the relationships that have already been established and to foster new relationships to build a better, safer community, and a stronger bond between each of you and the officers of Northern Station. Know that I look forward to working with you to make the Northern district the safest and most enjoyable district to live, work, and play in.

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