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Job Opportunities Abound In Pasco County

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

In a recent article for Laker/Lutz News, our sister publication from Florida, staff writer B.C. Manion reports on the increasing employment opportunities in Pasco County, FL.  Bill Cronin, president and CEO of the Pasco Economic Development Council Inc. (Pasco EDC), announced in a recent Pasco County Commission meeting that more than 500 jobs are anticipated to open up in the county in the coming weeks. 

“I anticipate you are going to have a couple of big wins here, before the end of the fiscal year, that you’ll be hearing at the board of county commissioners,” Cronin said during the Pasco EDC’s third-quarter report to the board. “And, one of them is for 500 jobs coming up in the next couple weeks,” the economic development expert said, at the board’s Aug. 9 meeting.

Read more on Laker/Lutz News here.
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