Coast to Coast

Learning To Curl

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

In a recent article for Laker/Lutz News, our sister publication from Florida, staff journalist Mike Camunas reports on the The Tampa Bay Curling Club (TBCC), a team not only offering league play but lessons on learning to curl for the community. A popular game in the Winter Olympics, curling is starting to gain traction on and off the ice for American athletes. 

“It’s a great sport because it doesn’t matter how old or how athletic you are, anyone can curl,” said John Drysdale, a hockey and curling coach at Center Ice. “A lot of people even do it as a date night — I know my wife and I do! It’s a very social sport, too. You can come out and chat, and interact with everyone, so it’s a very cordial atmosphere out here.

Read more on Laker/Lutz News here.
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