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Lombard Gets First Route Of Muni Competitor

Leap hopes to attract city commuters looking for a better ride to work. photo: leap

Like cabs did with Uber, Muni buses could learn the modern meaning of “You snooze, you lose” this year with the launch of a new private shuttle service designed to be more pleasant than the city’s bus system. A company called Leap announced the start in March of the Lombard Express, the first of an expected network of private mass transit, taking commuters from the Marina to downtown with four stops along the Lombard corridor.

The Leap buses are designed to be more comfortable for riders, including an interior more like a lounge than a bus, with spacious seats, a laptop bar, WiFi, USB ports, and even a snack service. As with car-sharing services, Leap customers will use its app for cashless payment.

Rides will cost more than Muni trips; a one-way trip on Leap is $6, though multiuse discounts are available.

District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell has called for hearings to discuss private commuter buses like Leap and its competitor, Chariot. He has heard from people in the Marina complaining about the private buses blocking their driveways and long lines of riders milling around their properties.

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