Marina Times’ brand new look

There are some things you can always count on in the Marina. You’ll always find hot new restaurants popping up on Chestnut, Union and Fillmore Streets. We have the best sunsets in the Bay Area. And you can count on the Marina Times working hard to serve you better and better.

In the last issue of Northside San Francisco, we let readers know about an exciting development we have been working on for months. We have brought together the best of Marina Times and Northside San Francisco with this issue, creating one bigger, better and bolder publication that will remain your indispensable guide to life in the Marina and surrounding districts.

We have tried to keep everything we know you love about these publications and combine it with a cleaner, more colorful design, plus some new features we think you’ll find fun and informative. So whether it’s Susan Dyer Reynolds’ popular “Jasmine Blue’s Tales of the Dog Park” (page B14) or Bruce Bellingham’s inside look at San Francisco’s personalities (page B1) or local news – it’s all here. You’ll also find our brand new crossword puzzle (page A15), a handy new events calendar (page B4), an expanded real estate and home section (page A 12), technology reviews and profiles (page A9) and more in this first edition of the new Marina Times.

Our goal is to be an integral part of your month, giving you the news, personalities and entertainment that make our neighborhoods the most vibrant in the city. That is the reason the Marina Times and Northside have become must-reads for tens of thousands of people every month, and it’s the reason we are talked about across San Francisco.

So enjoy our shiny new paper, and let us know what you think about it. E-mail [email protected].
– The Editors

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