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Market-Rate Housing Moratorium?

Supervisors David Campos and Scott Wiener have staked out different positions on proposals by a neighborhood group to impose a moratorium on market-rate housing in the Mission. The proposal, from Calle 24, would try to counter gentrification by temporarily banning construction of market-rate housing, barring new upscale restaurants, fast-track affordable housing projects in the Mission, and prioritize Latino businesses in the area.

Campos said “the status quo isn’t working and absolutely everything is on the table,” noting that he has asked the city attorney to look into Calle 24’s recommendations and he expects to pass “meaningful protections” for the Mission.

“We are all deeply frustrated by the cost of housing in San Francisco, but overreacting by placing a moratorium on market-produced housing in the Mission (or anywhere else) isn’t the answer,” Wiener said in a statement. “In fact, it’s counter-productive. We don’t have enough housing in San Francisco, and we need to produce more, not less.”

Though Calle 24’s proposal only covers a city-defined cultural district in the Mission, an attorney affiliated with the group told the San Francisco Chronicle that they are talking with other groups and would “like to see these interim controls spread throughout the Mission.”

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