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Maybaum Gallery opens with Formal Dimension: Inaugural Group Exhibition

Down Union Street by Heather Capen. Image: Courtesy Maybaum Gallery

After 14 years as a top Bay Area art dealer, Christina Maybaum has opened a new gallery at 49 Geary. The inaugural group exhibition runs through Aug. 31 featuring emerging and mid-career painters focusing on painterly and process-driven investigations. The selection of works comes from local and national artists, including Jeffrey Beauchamp, Paul Bloch, Heather Capen, Monica Delgado, Katina Hutson, and Karl Klingbiel. This initial presentation will give the public an idea of what to expect from the gallery.

Jeffrey Beauchamp is a Bay Area painter with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. His lavish, richly colored landscapes, figures, and portraits utilize old-school materials like oils, pencil pen, ink, and charcoal. Originally from New York City and residing in Santa Fe, N.M., Paul Bloch has been sculpting with stone since 1974. Heather Capen, from Minnesota and now residing in the Bay Area, is a painter influenced by her education as a landscape architect and paints urban environments reflecting history, culture, and industry. Monica Delgado lives in the Philippines and creates acrylic paintings with a densely layered sculptural technique. Katina Huston is a Bay Area artist creating drawings and renderings of everyday objects with an emphasis on light and its interplay with surfaces. Karl Klingbiel is a New York City-based abstract painter with a distinctively active line and palette suggesting movement and the examination of spatial relationships.

The gallery space consists of 2,000 square feet of exhibition space for solo shows and additional space for their growing affiliations with artists. Maybaum intends to center the programs around work that is process-based with an emphasis on the artist’s hand. Additionally, she intends to showcase artists who have been historically underrepresented due to age, sex, ethnicity, or background. Private art consulting services are also available to meet any client’s unique art needs.

Christina Maybaum has a master’s degree in art history, theory, and criticism from the Art Institute of Chicago, and as an art dealer has worked closely with her clients building personalized collections. “The vision for my new space is to support the many access points that art so wonderfully offers,” she says. “I hope that the programming shares my enthusiasm for dynamic investigations in art process, and to continually develop new and inspiring perspectives to engage with art.”


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