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Movie Fall Is A Nightmare Come True

FALL (Lionsgate)

In his latest piece, film critic Nathaniel Bell reviews Fall, deeming it a “corny yet satisfying new thriller.” Directed by Scott Mann and adapted from a screenplay by Mann and writing partner Jonathan Frank, Fall explores the primal terror that is the fear of falling from extreme heights. 

“[The film] giddily exploits this fear, wringing every last drop of suspense from its stripped-down scenario,” writes Bell. “It overstays its welcome, but honors its basic commitment to giving you sweaty palms…Fall’s main attraction, and the primary source of its visual pleasure, is the freestanding, red latticed tower itself, identified as the “B-67” and possibly inspired by the WHDH-TV tower in Massachusetts. Improbably built and impossibly tall, it’ll give even the steeliest moviegoers a dizzy spell.”

Read more on L.A. Weekly here. 

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