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Movie Review: The Immaculate Room


In his latest movie review in L.A. Weekly, writer Michael Atkinson shares his thoughts on the film The Immaculate Room. Starring Emile Hirsch as Michael and Kate Bosworth as Kate, the film follows the hip millennial couple as they take part in a low-tech psych trial. Viewers are taken on a ride as the two are locked in a all-white room together for 50 days in order to win $50 million. 

“Sometimes, high concept means an absence of concept altogether,” writes Atkinson. “Like a sensory deprivation tank, the new non-thriller The Immaculate Room is so empty it dares you to fill it up with your own ideas and narrative stuff. Whether you’d like to bother is, of course, a personal matter.”

Read more on L.A. Weekly here. 

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