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Northside Crimes: Tourist Shot, Custody Death

An early afternoon robbery of a Thai tourist near famous crooked Lombard Street resulted in a non-fatal gunshot wound to the tourist and a police chase across the Bay Bridge before the apprehension of two suspects.

“I am deeply troubled and angry about the assault on a visitor to our city,” said District 3 Supervisor Julie Christensen. “There are no apologies or wishes that can adequately offset the impacts of this vicious crime.”

This comes about a month after a man died in police custody in the Marina. Filimoni Raiyawa, 57, was involved in a traffic accident in the Marina District. When police showed up, they located Raiyawa nearby and detained him, but in a scuffle he injured two officers before being subdued by the police. He stopped breathing while in custody and died at the scene.

Sonoma County authorities believe Raiyawa murdered Solomon Cohen, for whom Raiyawa worked as caregiver, earlier in the day before fleeing to San Francisco, where he was involved in the accident.

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