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Odysseo: A visual treat of horses and humans

Some of the 65 horses and 45 artists of ODYSSEO, the latest show from the internationally acclaimed entertainment company Cavalia. photo: Color-ish Company

Odysseo is the most spectacular show I’ve seen, and I thought the first one, Cavalia, was special. Demonstrating the horse-human bond, some 40 horses interact with humans, who ride them, stand on them, jump them, and perform other seemingly impossible feats on them. Horses wander in a forest, run and splash in a lake, and then are brought into line just by human voice command and body language. Acrobats twirl through suspended hoops, suspend themselves horizontally from poles on a carousel, and perform dizzying back flips across the stage.

But for all the technical and human virtuosity, it’s the horses that steal the show with their grace and beauty. Don’t miss it.

Odysseo: Tue.–Sun. through Jan. 10, AT&T Park; $44.50–$264.50, 866-999-8111,

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