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Oldest Ballet Barre Studio, Bar None

The Marina District’s The Dailey Method, a ballet barre workout studio, rang in its 15th anniversary last month. The San Francisco-based company has grown to 57 locations on three continents, and it expects to expand to 10 more markets this year. Not bad for something that started with a single studio in the Marina District in 2000.

The company lays claim to be the longest running barre studio in the industry. More accurately, it is a leader in forming the industry, training 75 new teachers every year, who in turn teach more than 40,000 new students in barre techniques.

Well-wishers can stop in and wish them a happy birthday at their 2399 Greenwich Street location. Or, if you want to get more exotic, you can wish them a “Bon anniversaire” at their 71 Avenue Victor Hugo studio in Paris, France.

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