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PG&E hit with contamination lawsuit

Local law firm Gross & Klein LLP has filed a federal lawsuit against PG&E seeking an investigation and cleanup of contamination allegedly caused by a manufactured gas plant (MGP) called Cannery MGP, located on the spot now occupied by the Argonaut Hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf. MGPs were plants that created gas from coal and crude oil. 

PG&E’s website includes an article on MGPs, citing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency research from the 1980s that found more than 1,500 “former manufactured gas plants around the country. The research found that, in some cases, residues from these facilities may remain on-site.” The company says it has identified 42 MGPs it formerly owned or operated, and it is “working to ensure that any potential impacts to the environment . . . are addressed.” However, the lawsuit alleges that despite evidence to the contrary, PG&E disclaims having owned or operated the Cannery MGP.

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