Plans for medical marijuana dispensary on Lombard St.

If all goes as planned, the Marina District could get its first medical marijuana dispensary at 2414 Lombard Street (near Scott). Yes, for those of you keeping track, the location is right across the street from the Edward II Inn, a former bed and breakfast that has recently been rezoned and repurposed for future housing of transitional-aged youth.

There are currently 15 marijuana dispensaries throughout San Francisco but, up until now, none have been located on the northern end of the City due to a lack of locations that fit into the strict zoning regulations and criteria for businesses selling marijuana.

The so-called “green zones” that allow marijuana clubs are required to be outside a 1,000-foot radius around a school – but there is nothing in the law about required distances from youth housing. The closest dispensaries to the Marina are located on Polk at O’Farrell and Geary at 12th Avenue.

Golden Gate Wellness, the not-for-profit entity that has purchased the building on Lombard Street, plans to operate as a collective, meaning patients who are able to can also participate in the growing and cultivation that occurs in several undisclosed locations around the City.

The project sponsors recently presented their proposed plans to the Marina Community Association (MCA) board of directors and provided the following details:

  • Currently, all marijuana sales are illegal under federal law but legal in the state of California; yet dispensaries pay both state and federal taxes.
  • Many cameras will be placed inside and outside of the dispensary, with live security personnel monitoring the facility over a video feed.
  • Security will be provided by S.F. Special Patrol (comprised of off-duty SFPD officers) who will be dispatched should an emergency occur.
  • There will be at least one medical staff person (nurse or otherwise) on staff daily.
  • Only prescriptions from licensed California M.D.s in good standing will be honored.
  • Once established, the sponsors estimate that approximately 150 pa-trons will visit this dispensary per day – each patron is permitted by law to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana per visit, per day.

The project proponents hope to go to the S.F. Planning Commission in early 2013. However, much-needed community outreach must occur before they are ready to have hearings. Mayor Ed Lee, District Attorney George Gascôn and Chief of Police Greg Suhr have been invited to speak on the logistics of medical marijuana dispensaries at the MCA’s annual meeting on Nov. 14 at the Golden Gate Yacht Club. Details will be available online at and

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