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Presidio Heritage Gallery in possible danger

The Heritage Gallery, located in the Officer’s Club building in the Presidio, could face temporary or permanent closure as the result of reallocation of space being considered by the Presidio Trust. 

Some people are concerned that the changes will result in the loss of the museum and its exhibits, according to Dan Friedman, a volunteer docent at the Officer’s Club. He tells the Marina Times that the Trust had announced plans to move its offices into the building that currently houses the Heritage Gallery, and to do so, “they intend to dismantle the museum and move all of the exhibits into storage. Their stated intent is to later move the exhibits into the historic front of the Officer’s Club building. However, there is no plan for how that is to be accomplished, nor is there the space for all of the exhibits in the front of the building.”

Shortly before press time, Friedman said the Trust has put its plans on hold, at least through July 2021, while it evaluates other possible Presidio locations for its offices.

The Trust said it is evaluating the best move, but “if we ultimately decide to relocate Trust staff to the Officers’ Club, we will do so in a way that ensures it remains a vibrant visitor destination.”

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