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Presidio rejects Fort Scott plan

Fort Scott back to the drawing board
Fort Winfield Scott remains without a redevelopment plan. Photo: Presidio Trust

After 17 months of proposals, submissions, refinements, and public input, the Presidio Trust’s board of directors in June went back to square one, rejecting a proposal submitted by a group of organizations (dubbed the “do-gooder proposal”). It now appears that redevelopment of the 30-acre historic site will be put on the back burner while the trust focuses on developing other sites in the Presidio.

“We have been entrusted to care for this public land and to make the right choices for its use and its preservation, with input from the public,” said Presidio Trust CEO Jean Fraser. “At this point, it’s in the best interest of the Presidio to develop the site ourselves.”

The board agreed with its staff’s evaluation of the submitted plan that the proposal did not meet enough of the key objectives required by the request for proposals. The plan, submitted in May, called for the creation of a home for a number of “mission-driven”  organizations that would be environmentally sustainable.

While expressing gratitude for the “time and thoughtfulness” that the consortium of organizations put into creating their proposal, Presidio Trust board chair William Grayson said, “It ultimately didn’t meet enough of the Presidio Trust’s requirements to move forward. We will continue to focus on our many exciting projects, including the new Presidio Theatre, the Tunnel Tops and new development opportunities in the park.”

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