News Briefs

Prop. B Is Not Settled

A pending lawsuit by the California State Lands Commission over the validity of Proposition B has caught the eyes of legislators, developers, urban planners, and antigrowth advocates. A hearing was scheduled in late March before San Francisco’s Superior Court to hear legal arguments in the case.

No Wall on the Waterfront, which supports Prop B, warned that “the Chamber of Commerce and business interests have lined up behind the State Lands Commission,” claiming that Prop. B has already lost the city money because of changes to waterfront developments. The pro-Pro B advocacy group said the commission’s lawsuit was “aimed at repealing Prop B and silencing [the] voice of voters.”

Meanwhile, the Examiner reports that affordable housing developer TODCO surveyed local voters and found “overwhelming support” for requiring a third of residential units to be reserved for below-market-rate housing; in return, the voters, reportedly, are willing to be more lenient about waterfront height limits.

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