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Rabi’s Debut At Nomad Gallery LA

Drew Merritt in Rabi’s _gen+esc_ at Nomad Gallery

In her latest piece for LA Weekly, Art Editor Shana Nys Dambrot reviews artist Rabi’s show at Nomad Gallery. The show, Rabi’s first since his tenure in street art collective Cyrcle, is the inaugural event at the gallery, which is LA’s newest hybrid newest contemporary art house. Titled  _gen+esc, Dambrot describes her time taking in Rabi’s work. 

“In the early months of the pandemic, Rabi noticed, as we all did, that it was more than external circumstances and the familiar rhythms of life that were changing – artists especially, but truthfully all humans, found themselves questioning the very foundations of their identity, inspirations and purpose,” writes Dambrot. “And he decided to make some films about it. Episodic and infinitely expandable, the shorts in _gen+esc (generation+escape) are based on interviews with a range of cultural figures – mostly artists, but also chefs, prize-fighters, and others – in which the subjects speak candidly about the real-time wrestling with big questions like who am I and what am I doing here, and the various ways in which they doggedly pursue the answers.”

Read the full article on LA Weekly here.

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