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Riccardo Rossati: ‘Villa Arconati & Imaginary Worlds’

Riccardo Rossati. Island of the Living, 2007. Photo: Courtesy of Museo Italo Americano

The compelling works in this exhibition by Italian artist Riccardo Rossati are surrealist, imaginative, and fantastical. Two themes are represented: the Villa Arconati near Milan, and “visionary artworks” of imaginary cities and places. 

Each series is known for its surreal and imaginative visions, created with a style that exudes a mysterious and magical quality. Rossati’s confident and fluid brushstrokes create a dreamlike world capable of emotionally engaging the viewer. While the works may initially appear to depict reality, his art takes viewers into a mysterious and fantastical realm where nature reigns supreme. The gardens’ baroque architecture is depicted as vigorous, exuberant, and unstoppable, with water cascades replacing traditional pathways and creating a spectacle of energy and beauty. Water plays a significant role in his art. Torrents invade the internal spaces of the villa, resembling natural pathways between rocks. This water penetration gives rise to natural and unique environments, revitalizing these ancient spaces and enhancing well-being.

Villa Arconati & Imaginary Worlds: Tue.–Fri., noon– 4 p.m. & Sat.–Sun., 10 a.m.–2 p.m. through March 31. Museo Italo Americano, Fort Mason Center, Bldg. C, 415-673-2200,

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