Signs of the Times

Dad walking baby, Photo: Naomi Rose

Send us your shelter-in-place stories and photos to [email protected]. We’ll publish selected content next month in print and online.

Social Distancing at Crissy Field, Photo: Chris-Trayhorn
Dog walking, Photo: Naomi Rose
Walgreen’s bath tissue aisle, Photo: Naomi Rose
Americana, Photo: PAX via instagram
Sunski’s window message, Photo: Rue Daniel
Social distancing, Photo: Rue Daniel
Mauna Loa, Photo: Naomi Rose
Dragon Well, Photo: Naomi Rose
Delarosa takeout, Photo: Naomi Rose
Dad walking baby, Photo: Naomi Rose
Social distancing at Trader Joes, Photo: Liz Farrell
Joe Griess, his spouse Parisa, and son Cyrus with Rhett the U.S. Park Police horse on patrol between the Presidio & Fort Mason by way of Bay Street in the Marina. Sgt. Joe has been with the Park Police since 2009, and was trained to ride horses in 2011. He said today, “It gives the residents a lift when they see the horses.” This writer agrees! Caption & photo by Kat Anderson 2020 ([email protected])
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